TurboNote 6.6

TurboNote+ desktop sticky notes help keep you on track
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TurboNote desktop sticky notes help keep you on track.


-Never lose track of important dates, vital information or necessary filenames again. Quickly drag and drop URLs, file paths, selected text. Just grab information or drop it on a TurboNote to send to someone, and vice versa. No more risk of mistyping URLs, account numbers or filenames!
-Use the alarm and schedule functions, along with the calendar, to make sure you never forget an appointment or miss a deadline or birthday.
-TurboNote instant messaging lets you instantly send notes and attached files straight to the desktops of your friends and colleagues over a local network or across the Internet. You can even chat directly via a TurboNote.
-Have fast, direct access to Website URLs, email addresses and local files with a simple double-click. Type in keywords and use a simple function key click to automatically run a Google search, do a foreign currency conversion or a translation.

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